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Legal problems can be complex. I routinely practice not just in state court, but in the Court of Appeal. I thoroughly research applicable laws to maximize your probability of success and to fully advise you of your rights and responsibilities

Property values are rising. Whether you are looking to develop a commercial property or improve your residence I can assist you with the myriad of issues facing you.

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Virtually all modern business transactions involve real property in some manner. Issues arise whether there is a lease, sale, land use regulation, broker, salesperson, escrow company, title insurer, bank or governmental agency. Sometimes litigation requires an appeal or enforcement of a judgment. Bankruptcy or alternative dispute resolution is also effective. My office can assist you with these complex issues. I take pride in identifying the issues facing my clients and providing a cost-effective solution.

Over 20 years of experience in the Inland Empire provides me with insight particular to this region. I know the local real estate professionals, along with the courts and local procedures.